Someone once made fun of me on the internet. Now I'm like this.

Anonymous asked: Cass said to send you nice things so here goes you're very cute you have a cute nose and face, overall you're a very wonderful and adorable person. Also I think you're really hard on yourself a lot of the time and sad but I know it's hard not to be sad, I want to make you soup and snakes and bring you blankets and small animals when I see you posting sad stuff.


Thank you very much friend. I wish you could do those things for me and this message means everything right now

They want to make you snakes! Fucking bail!


The three little words that every girl wants to hear are “I’m Tony Hawk.” 

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"If you’re trying to make an exit, then I’m starting to figure out you’re a problem that this place could live without."


—Back to The Shack


It seems that Weezer are going back to their roots, thank god for that. This song is fantastic. I mean it’s still a rather tired song, but the lyrics. It’s literally Rivers apologizing for their recent music. 

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