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Jeff finally letting himself want what he wants.

Let me weep in my silent little corner. Let me.

Am I the only one that really doesn’t want Annie and Jeff to actually get together? I mean obviously they have a TON of unresolved feelings for one another, both primal and on a level of respect, but the two of them actually getting together would be so destructive to both themselves and the study group as a whole. Obviously they need to get it over with and bone already but what happens after they do?

I don’t see them working out as a couple, so after they finally get it on, what happens then? Will Jeff stop seeing Annie as this perfect little virtuous pet that he feels the need to protect? Will Annie feel used and a little less trusting of Jeff now that she knows that they’re not actually compatable? Their relationship is so perfect and lovely and mutual at this point that I really don’t see it ending any way but badly.

And then how would Jeff and Annie hooking up affect Britta? She’s obviously grown deeper feelings for Jeff and although I’m sure she could get past Jeff hooking up with someone that’s not her, how would she react if it was a member of their own study group? Her and Annie’s relationship (not that we ever actually see them interacting on their own much anyway) would be completely destroyed.

And what about Abed? Although he does have a girlfriend right now, there’s always been a little something between him and Annie and although on the surface I’m sure he could deal with Annie and Jeff sleeping together would this end up creating another darker timeline for him to regress into? He looks up to Jeff like a father figure so how would he deal with his father figure sleeping with Annie, the only person who understands him (aside from Troy)?

The line “no matter how transparently self-destructive or empty our desires may be” means that the writers knows that it’s no good but I really don’t see any way of avoiding a hookup next season. Hopefully they figure out a way to make it work out where everybody ends up where they should in the end. I just wish that, like, they hadn’t teased us with JeffxBritta if this was where they were moving to all along because personally I think Britta’s a much better match for Jeff in the long-term.

Opinions? Counter-points? I can’t be the only one this crazy about the show still, right?

I think you’re right, but it fits pretty perfectly into the “pay a heavy price [for getting what they wanted]” part of the story circle. I think that line about being self-destructive is the writers acknowledging they’re walking into the situation, but they don’t strike me as the sort to force these characters through this particular storyline for no reason. Something else will come of it in the end.

I almost threw my remote at the TV when this happened; I don’t want this at all, it is wrong and bad.